Information about RSS feeds


Create a feed

There are multiple RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) on this site. These will allow you to subscribe to live updates of new documents within your desired categories.

As we do not provide links for these on any pages, you will have to create the URL to be used. To do this you can follow these instructions:


1. Navigate to the category page for the category you would like to subscribe to (Business > Company organization and management).



2. Change the ‘category’ part of the URL to ‘rss’



3. This is now the correct URL for the RSS feed for the category ‘Business > Company organization and management’



Web Browsers

The web browser you use might automatically spot the RSS feeds and offer subscription. Here are some examples of how the buttons would be displayed on various browsers:


Mozila - Firefox (v3.6)


Google - Chrome (v13.0.782.107)


Apple Inc. - Safari (v3.2.3)


Opera Software - Opera (v11.50)